MINT Thread Lift

A MINT facelift can aid in improvement of the mid-face, jowls, forehead and eyebrows

What is a MINT Lift?

The MINT lift stands for Minimal Invasive Nonsurgical Threat (MINT) facelift to aid in improvement of the mid-face, jowls, forehead and eyebrows. This FDA approved thread is made from PDO (polydioxanone) and is both non-allergic and non-antigenic. These unique threads have has 360 degrees of 3D barbs that are machine molded rather than being cut into the suture. This results in a thread that is quite strong. There are small incisions hidden in the hairline, and as the threads gradually dissolve over time they stimulate collagen formation. The utility of the MINT thread is that it allows for customizeable length compared to other threads on the market and can create a better and more visible hold for 10-12 months. Some patients will require a MINT booster at around 6 months time.

How is it performed?

This procedure is performed in office with local anesthesia and is very well There may be soreness at the anchoring sites in the temple area and behind the ear. Depending on the area treated you may or may not leave with a head wrap/face wrap to help minimize swelling

Risks of a MINT Lift

Although a MINT lift is not a “surgical” facelift, it is an invasive procedure. While there are risks, these are exceedingly rare. As a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kim is uniquely familiar with both surgical and non-surgical techniques and how to minimize the risks of: infections, facial paralysis, pigmentation issues.

How do I prepare for a MINT Lift?

Dr. Kim will review your medical history with you. We do advise against the use of alcohol for one week prior, as well as aspirin or NSAIDS and herbal medications. If you are a smoker, we advise discontinuing smoking for at least 1 month prior to AND after your procedure, as this can significantly increase your risk of infection.

MINT Lift Recovery

There will be facial swelling for the first several days and there may be some bruising which resolves quickly within 5-7 days. We recommend patients begin taking pre-procedural arnica to help reduce both swelling and bruising.

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