A ‘liquid facelift’ or ‘filler facelift’ can have truly transformative results

Facial Fillers

As we age, we naturally lose the youthful fullness and volume in the face. This affects both men and women alike, and they become concerned about a hollowed out, tired appearance. There are many fillers available today, and it takes knowledge and expertise to know the appropriate one to use. Dermal fillers smooth and soften the ‘sunken’ contours of an aging face while also bolstering sagging skin and filling in hollowed features. They are a fantastic non-surgical technique to replace lost volume and aid in facial rejuvenation, and the effect is immediate with very little discomfort and downtime. A ‘liquid facelift’ or ‘filler facelift’ can have truly transformative results, but it does require maintenance. When used together with neuromodulators like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin, the results can be just the rejuvenation men and women are looking for who are not ready for the commitment and downtime of surgery.

Lip Fillers

No incisions. No implants. No anesthesia. Our non-surgical lip enhancements are safely and skillfully performed with a safe injectable (numbing cream is applied for maximum patient comfort). Results are immediate and patients can return to their normal daily activities right away. Part of achieving a natural look has to do with choosing the right filler and injecting it into the right layer and location of the lip. A lot of women lose the definition along the vermillion border (the border between the red portion of the lip, and skin of the upper lip). These women seek aesthetic lip treatments to restore the former glory of their lips, and attain that covetable fullness and smoothness of the entire upper lip area. Gently enhancing this border can make a dramatic difference. Many women, typically twenty- and thirty-somethings, desire more volume and more impactful ‘wow-factor’ from their filler. It really comes down to the individual’s anatomy and what the patient wants.

Dr. Haena Kim Offers the Following Dermal Fillers and Facial Injectables:

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