Chemical peels yield exciting results

Chemical Peels

Regular chemical peels yield exciting results and keep the skin looking fresh, smooth, and youthful without the downtime and expense of lasers. The treatment, which takes only minutes, involves applying a solution that will cause skin to (painlessly) ‘slough away’ in the days to follow. This process reveals fresh, untouched skin and can help the skin feel like “new’. Chemical peels work to improve skin clarity and tone, banish acne scars, smooth fine lines and restore your overall radiance.

Types of Chemical Peels

Superficial Chemical Peels

Superficial skin peels are great for virtually every skin type, skin color, and age. They are perfect for patients with very sensitive skin. This in-office procedure has no down time and creates a visibly smooth texture. Superficial chemical peels are perfect for lunch breaks. When performed regularly, treatments will provide noticeable anti-aging results.

Medium-Depth Chemical Peels

Medium-depth chemical peels are an excellent option for mild skin pigmentation concerns and wrinkles. When combined with lightening agents, and performed regularly, a medium-depth chemical peel can significantly soften your skin’s texture, reduce lines or wrinkles, and improve areas of skin discoloration.

Deep Chemical Peels

Deep chemical peels are the most effective type of chemical peel. Deep skin peels drastically improve your skin and produce long-lasting results. Redness following this peel lasts 2 or more weeks and gradually fades. A deep chemical peel should only be performed by a medical physician specifically trained in this procedure.

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